The 9 Touch Points occur in the critical 30 days after a patient’s discharge home with oxygen and consist of:

  1. A trained technician delivers the equipment, instructs the patient on usage, and introduces the patient to the Advantage Program.
  2. The Respiratory Therapist calls on the second day to gather baseline information and set up a custom patient-specific goal. The first in-home visit date is scheduled, and the automated calls are explained.
  3. An automated call occurs on the third day.
  4. The first in-home visit is done between the fourth and seventh day. The patient is instructed on topics such as nutrition, energy conservation, and recognizing and reacting to an exacerbation. The therapist will also do a CAT assessment and medication review.
  5. On day 12, the patient receives an automated call in which they are asked five short, clinically significant questions.
  6. On day 15, the patient receives another automated call asking the same questions.
  7. A second in-home visit occurs between days 18 and 21. The therapist reviews the educational materials and completes a goal assessment. A screening for sleep apnea is performed. The therapist instructs the patient and leaves overnight pulse ox to screen for sufficient oxygen levels on current liter flow.
  8. On day 24, there is a third automated call.
  9. For the program to end, a program wrap-up interview is completed by the therapist via phone. The therapist checks to see if the patient has met his or her goal, was satisfied with the instruction, and sees if the patient has any questions. The referring physician gets a full printed report.

At any time during the automated calls, if a patient says “Yes” to a pertinent clinical question that may show an exacerbation is developing, the Respiratory Therapist is alerted to call live and to follow up.

After the 30 days, patients are regularly followed with equipment checks every six months, automated calls every three months, a Respiratory Therapist follow-up call yearly, and PRN access to us 24/7.

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